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My work begins with modest and familiar materials: cardboard, brown paper bags, recycled plastics and newsprint. By way of painting, collage, and found object sculpture, these materials guide the compositional structure of the work and influence each subsequent decision and direction taken.

In these compositions, I reference imagery from food culture and packaging. The promise of a “utopian experience” of a product is conveyed on the glossy exterior, though the line between what we’re buying and what we’re promised is often blurred. Like the brands I reference, I prefer my work to be pleasing and attractive but to belie a more ambiguous content.

In tandem with imagery are repetitious contours of color painted in tight succession. As the lines move outward from their source, they become more obscured and intertwined with each other, leading the eye further into forms of increased resonance. This progression leads you to a new place, but you don’t notice until you look back and see how far you’ve come.



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