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Common single-use materials such as cardboard, brown paper and plastic packaging have little intrinsic value, serve a function, and are retired to the recycling bin. I intercept this process in order to examine the compositional template of factory-made cuts, elegant varied edge details and the overall shapes of a particular piece of packaging by way of painting, collage and assemblage.

Studio lit tomatoes, dreamy yet unspecified landscapes, and pixelated colors found on packaging draw me in as an artist and a consumer. The promise of a “utopian experience” of a product is conveyed on the glossy exterior, though the line between what we’re buying and what we’re promised is often blurred. What are the gaps in our knowledge about the origin, production, and distribution with the food that we buy?

I grew up near Cleveland, OH where my family shared of a branch of grocery stores. This is reflected in my work as I investigate the relationship we have to consumerism, while also searching for personal meaning behind the materials I am drawn towards. I piece together a mostly unknown family lineage with aspects of the stores themselves: the familiar smell of produce, weekly deals, and the ever-multiplying variety of products at our fingertips.



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