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I find myself investigating the subtle variations of human patterns: wielding a toothbrush, checking the mail, commuting, buying lettuce, or carrying a shopping bag are all tasks that are seemingly static from day to day. Though mood, outside interferences, or a change in perspective affect these tasks and create a shift in our patterns, causing us to adapt. Mostly these changes go unnoticed, or do not qualify as an event significant enough for contemplation. I mentally document these occurrences in order to discredit this notion, imagining them all lined up in a row to spot the differences. The way we spend our time has an undercurrent of variation, due to the slow and steady influences that affect the mind and body. 

These moments are manifested abstractly in my work: By way of painting, collage and assemblage, bright color palettes interact with ordinary surface material, where subtle changes become the central focus.        


Rainbow Build-In, 2021, cardboard collage on paper, 14x17 inches