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Athens Laundry Art & Literary Series Features a piece from the Duro series

I am very excited to have my work featured in Volume 1, Number 4 of Athens Laundry, a limited edition art & literary zine from Athens, NY. Curated by Ruby Palmer, the zine also includes creative works by Dawn Breeze, Sam Horowitz, and Marykate Maher.



Ubiquity & Produce, a Solo Show at Kent Place Gallery, Summit NJ

Exerpt from the press release by director, Ken Weathersby:

Rego’s works render beautiful, lush images of food products in layered compositions. Representations of ripe vegetables and fruit mingle with the surfaces of commercial packaging and presentation. They are abstractly seductive and open questions about our relationships to what we buy and eat.

Rego’s work is dealing with a double-edged aspect of beauty and appeal to the senses. The ripe skin of a tomato, evoked by a pleasing and carefully staged pop of saturated red may heighten our appetite to consume (in both the literal and the economic sense), but are we being fooled, do we know what we are eating?” asked Kent Place Gallery Director Ken Weathersby. “Are we OK with everything that went into the production and distribution? The skin of the vegetable likened to the skin of packaging. In both cases there are multiple purposes: attraction, defense, disguise. Patterns and gradients of subtle color surround, contain and mingle with the shapes and logos, supporting and enhancing the elegance of the compositions, and simultaneously evoking grids or graphs. The patterns can become almost hallucinatory as they expand across the surfaces of her paintings.

Exhibit runs from September 8 - October 3, 2016



Group Exhibition at Glenlily Grounds, Newburgh, NY

I will be showing new sculpture at Glenlily Grounds, an annual outdoor exhibition that is part of the Newburgh Open Studio weekend




Real Good at Westchester Community College, Center for Digital Arts

For my latest solo show, I got the opportunity to expand my digital collage portfolio with the use of CDA's fantastic printing facilities. Images from the show can be viewed here



August Art Festival, hosted by Women's Studio Workshop

I have been invited to create a public sculpture on the Walkill Valley Rail Trail in Rosendale, NY! There are many wonderful films and performances happening throughout the festival as well:



Works on Paper at John Davis Gallery, May 30 - June 21, 2015

I am pleased to be showing some recent works on paper at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY. Opening reception: Saturday, May 30, 6-8pm



Sculpture in the Couryard: Fugitive Color at Pelham Art Center, April 11 - June 12, 2015

Fugitive Color
Pelham Art Center
April 11- June 12, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday April 11, 1:30-3:30pm

I am very excited to anounce my first ever public sculpture made of collected plastic bottle caps will be on display this spring at the Pelham Art Center. More info can be found here.

Co-Mingle Complements (detail),Plastic bottle caps, 2015



A Little Bit of Local Press in the Almanac Weekly

I love living in the supportive, tight-knit community of Rosendale, NY. I had great time volunteering for The Women's Studio Workshop's 2015 Chili Bowl Fiesta.



Zine! Zine! at Roos Arts in Rosendale, NY, December 6 - 23, 2014

December 6 - December 23, 2014
Opening Reception on Saturday, December 6, 6 – 9 pm

Participating Artists (In No Particular Order):

Nathan Boyer, Matthew Scott Gualco, Brian Henkel, James Franco, Nathan David Schultz, Sarah Pinder, Sinoun Chea, Greg Kletsel, Anders Nilsen, Amy Talluto, Maria Negulescu, Levi Sherman, Andre Pace, Jennifer Russell, Mark Albright, Natalie Wargin, Flying Object, Amy Jean Porter, Rine Karr, Clover Archer, Lyle Bicking, Mark Rospenda, Amy Bureck, Todd Stewart, Tallulah, Brian Felix, Paul Short, Klaus Pinter, Andy Brown and Joe Ollmann, Elisabeth Belliveau, Sarah Burwash, Rick Trembles + OBOM + Gunnar Lundkvist + Michael Deforge + Simon Bosse = Mille Putois, Georgia Webber, Sofeel, Justyna, Henry Gepfer, Baby Beef Independent Art Press, Laurence Philomene, Fannie Gadouas, Steph Kenzie, Le Cagibi (Lille, France), Rebecca Artemisa, Crystal Zoodsma, Neik Glasshouse, Ryan Dodgson, Phil Woollam, Moshe Rozenberg, Alicia Nau and Eunice Luk, Wai Au, Fred Mathieu, Esther Watson, Mark Todd, Aijung Kim, Anna Leigh Clem, Steph Bell + Muriel Moss + Ellis Johnson, Stefan Klein, Rine Karr, Frank Meuscke, Jacinta Bunnell, Peter Nicholson, Eugene Stetz, Jr, Nyssa Komorowski, Bob Capozzi, Matthias Neumann, Betsy Alwin, Samantha McFadden + Diamond Stingily, L. Noelle McLaughlin, Naomi Martinez, Alexis Coutu-Marion + Florian Pétigny for Charmant et Courtois, Megan Porpeglia, Kristen Rego, Stefan Klein and Jenny Lee Fowler




Retrospective Faculty Show at WCC Center for Digital Arts, Peekskill, NY, Dec 2 - January 11, 2015

I am happy to be included in the long history of talented teaching artists that have at one time or another taught at this humble college in Peekskill.

Artists is the show include: Robert Barthelmes, Curt Belshe, Claudia Cardoso, Leslie Englander, Michael Enright, Michele Evola, Donna Marie Fischer, Howard Goodman, Sarah Haviland, Carla Rae Johnson, Seung Hee Joo, Deoborah Krikun, Eileen MacAvery Kane, Sherry Mayo, Steven P. Perkins, Domenico Petrillo, Aaron Porter, Kristen Rego, Laurel Shute, Lisa Steffens, Joseph Thomas, Piya Wannachaiwong.